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Hainesport Transfer

A C&D Transfer Station located in Hainesport, NJ

Hainesport Transfer provides efficient disposal of C&D waste. Trucks enter and depart the facility in under 14 minutes. It is conveniently located in Hainesport, New Jersey within 2 miles of Route 295, Route 38, and the NJ Turnpike. Hainesport Transfer Services allows its customers to maximize efficiency and minimize costly wear and tear.

Hainesport Transfer accepts waste type ID 13 and 13(c).

13 – Bulky waste:

Large items of waste material, such as appliances and furniture. Discarded automobiles, trucks and trailers and large vehicle parts, and tires are included under this category.

13C – Construction and Demolition waste:

Waste building material and rubble resulting from construction, remodeling, repair, and demolition operations on houses, commercial buildings, pavements, and other structures. The following materials may be found in construction and demolition waste: treated and untreated wood scrap; tree parts, tree stumps and brush; concrete, asphalt, bricks, blocks and other masonry; plaster and wallboard; roofing materials; corrugated cardboard and miscellaneous paper; ferrous and nonferrous metal; non-asbestos building insulation; plastic scrap; dirt; carpets and padding; glass (window and door); and other miscellaneous materials; but shall not include other solid waste types.

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