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About Us

The HTG (Hainesport Transportation Group) focuses on the needs of companies involved with solid waste streams. We strive to develop the most efficient and environmentally compliant solution for our customers' needs. We provide full-service waste logistics that can be integrated into our transportation and waste transfer capabilities. HTG offers a wide range of cradle to grave disposal and recycling solutions for multiple waste streams through a transportation network coordinated with both truck and rail. HTG has the ability to handle small and large scale projects nationally. We are a waste logistics company that has been able to leverage our C&D transfer station, our federally chartered short rail, our rail served landfill and our roll off / trucking companies so that each works together allowing us to be a true full-service waste solutions organization.


Darryl Caplan


Darryl is the CEO and Founder of the Hainesport Transportation Group (HTG). Over the past 25 years he has been focused on understanding the interconnected relationship between Transportation and Disposal in providing customers with the most efficient solution to their waste stream challenges.  Darryl is committed to a team approach and values creative and alternative strategies.

Todd Sage


Todd is the COO and Founder of HTG. Todd has spent the past 35 years in waste logistics. Todd is skilled at creating a seamless transportation and disposal process, whether the movement requires containers, trucks, flat or gondola rail cars. Todd understands the need to properly identify the best assets for the waste stream movement to reduce the cost of transportation and disposal.

Ronald W. Bridges

Non-Executive Chairman

Ron is the Non-Executive Chairman and Founder of HTG.  Ron has spent the past 50 years focused on the movement of waste by rail.  Ron is a recognized industry expert in both sourcing the right equipment to maximize the efficient movement of the lading at the lowest cost possible for the customer.

Department Heads

Frank Coniglio

General Manager of Roll off Services

Frank has been involved in the roll off business for 35 years. He oversees all facets of Champion Disposal, including daily dispatch, driver responsibilities, and customer support.

Patrick Dauria

Vice President and General Manager of Waste Services

Patrick has been in the Waste Logistics business for over 15 years. He oversees all waste stream movements on behalf of HTG.

Adam Doyle

General Manager of Railroad Operations

Adam has been in the Waste/Recycling Industry for the past 20 years, and currently oversees the operations of the Hainesport Transfer Station and the Hainesport Secondary Railroad.

Brenna Henry


Brenna has provided tax & compliance services in the public accounting industry for the last 10 years. She has recently transitioned to private accounting and currently oversees the accounting staff and daily accounting operations of HTG.

Karen Murray

General Counsel

Karen has been practicing law for over 25 years and has served the role of General Counsel for HTG for over 15 years.

Paul Rasmusson

Vice President of Business Development

Paul has over 30 years of experience in the solid waste and recycling industry and is responsible for the identification of rail development opportunities for HTG.

Robert Sage

General Manager of Fleet Maintenance

Robert has been a mechanic for the past 30 years and has overseen Fleet Maintenance since The HTG’s inception.

Bill Walsh


Bill has been providing financial oversight for the waste and recycling industry for over 30 years. Bill currently serves as CFO for HTG, overseeing all facets of the companies’ finances.

Lodie van Tonder

Director of Landfill Operations

Lodie has been involved in landfill management and operations for over 20 years. He currently oversees all regulatory and commercial operations at Creekside Landfill.